Busy socialpreneurs may not have time to figure out what is not working in his or her own company — and a second set of eyes is a valuable asset.

If you are a socialpreneur looking for ways to save and/or make more money, so you can thrive and give back to your community, you’re in the right place! Working together we can identify:

  • Where the money is leaking out of your business
  • How you could be making more money
  • How your staff can provide more effective leverage to you
  • How to improve your website and Internet presence
  • What can be taken off your plate so you have more free time

Hire Roxy for your Business Success!


  • In less than a year, I worked with a physician with a busy practice to morph his business into a consultation firm  providing seminars and private consultation.
  • I organized a team of busy volunteers that produced an event from start to finish — procuring the venue, setting the date and securing speakers, catering, decorations, marketing and more.
  • With a family owned business, I applied strategies that catapulted the company past their 10 year goal of $4,000,000 in annual sales, making their annual company party a very real bash.
  • I built non-traditional revenue income to over $500,000 for a small business in 2 years by fostering long-term relationships, adding events, and new annual projects.

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