Effective Use of Social Media in Business Workshop
Effective Use of Social Media in Business Workshop

What can you do, with what you already have, to Optimize your Business?

Roxy helps socialpreneurs, who are businesses with a social conscious, handle various types of projects on a contract basis to free up, not only your time, but employee time as well. Some of the projects Roxy completed, involved professionals, clinics, and vendors.

  • In a few weeks Roxy completed a vendor audit, combing through all contracts, agreements, 2 years of invoices, and other sources, creating documents indicating where the holes were, in what revenue should be and what it was. In the process Roxy found indicators of serious issues, in addition to the normal human errors. This enabled the owners to make educated decisions moving forward. One of those decisions was to retain her services creating an efficient, user-friendly system to keep the revenue paperwork flowing to the accounting office. This process is ideal for finding out if all clients are being billed correctly and in a timely manner. Naturally, this process tends to find missing revenue, streamline the billing process while bringing errant revenue into your business.
  • In less than a year, Roxy transitioned a practicing doctor from active practice to private consulting and seminars, while managing his existing office.
  • Roxy transitioned a professional company to on-line ordering, which freed up their sales staff to attract new business and enabled them to sell their company after hitting a 10 year annual revenue goal.
  • Roxy handled all the events for a retailer, including on-site demonstrations and trainings.
  • After in-house and on-line research, Roxy uncovered serious budget leaks and offered options to correct them quickly and easily, including discovering an employee using company resources, to launch his own business.
  • While working for 2 radios stations in a mid-size market, Roxy built their non-traditional revenue income to over $500,000 in 2 years, by adding events and community partnerships to their annual projects.
  • Roxy was an integral part of many business beautification projects to draw attention to businesses and highlight access, such as parking in the back of buildings, street and building live plants, baskets and planters, sculptures, custom metalwork and attractive architectural design features.
  • In 2014 Roxy was part of a team writing and editing policies and procedures and doing project management for an insurance company to obtain National Committee for Quality Assurance, (NCQA) Accreditation.
  • For 3 years Roxy wrote thousands of web pages and external articles, primarily for physicians and attorneys, doing the research personally and writing as if the client wrote the articles, to build top of the mind awareness, establishing them as the experts in their fields.
  • One of the most consistent shifts Roxy sees are other ways a company can be making money, yet to be noticed or tapped into. Roxy helps orchestrate those shifts. One example brought in over $500,000 in 3 years in $5 increments!
Office Beautification Santa Cruz CA
Office Beautification Santa Cruz CA

“Roxy is a social media and event planning virtuoso! When she works on a project it appears to be effortless even though you know it is  not. Her creativity, problem solving, and organizational skills create this illusion. Every project Roxy has worked on for me or my  company has exceeded expectations. She is the best at what she does. I will not use anyone else. To say I highly recommend her is an  understatement at best.”

Melinda O’Brien, CEO Acumen Biologics