Roxy Cross, Visionary Socialpreneur

In front of and behind the camera and/or microphone is where many people recognize Roxy Cross, the intuitive visionary socialpreneur. Her career has given her advanced knowledge in a wide range of industries, including:

  • Consumer media, TV, radio, newspaper, print and the internet
  • Advertising, event coordination, and marketing
  • Social media marketing and search engine optimization
  • Professional writing and copy editing

Roxy works with clients internationally, using her intuitive and even oracle-like gifts to see patterns underlying and affecting people and their businesses. She then creates a gentle climate for shifting. Do NOT confuse gentle with slow, as many clients will attest to very fast shifting! One woman launched her career in less than 3 months. Another changed her location, relationship status, career focus, started an additional business in a matter of weeks! Clients claim working with Roxy saves their marriages or helps them move forward with relationships, career paths, and business growth.

The intuitive tools Roxy uses and recommends may seem unusual, yet they are effective!

If you are someone who relishes living in drama and wallowing in self-misery, Roxy is not the coach for you. Her work is with the living, not those who have given up their dreams for the status quo. If you are ready to shift, contact her today! You have choices of working with Roxy. You can subscribe to her Monthly Intuitive Messages, or schedule an Intuitive Coaching Session or get some Intuitive Guidance or a simple Intuitive Check-in to see what is going on with your energy! The PayPal links are in the right sidebar.