SEO Will Save your Bacon

SEO is important. SEO is important even if you do not know what it is. Let’s just say your website landing page is your new reception area to your office. It needs to be welcoming, let people know what you do and connect with them on multiple levels.

SEO is one tool of many and odds are, you need more than you have today. You may have heard that. It is true. But what is it and how can you get the amazing benefits of search engine optimization for your own website? It is good to keep it simple if you do not know much other than you need it. If you do know all about it here are a dozen free tips! If you looked at that last link and crossed your eyes, here is help.

Your Website must be Authentic

SEO Help is on the Way
SEO Help is on the Way

Search engine optimization is complicated, vast and ever changing. No matter what SEO path you take, you have to have a strong web page foundation to start with or your SEO investment is useless. It is vital that every page on a website follow some basic rules. Every page has to be authentic. That means original content, spelled correctly with correct grammar, the correct number of words and the correct amount of keywords, not more, not less. That sounds simple, until you understand, that even if you write all the words on a page yourself, your page can still come up as plagiarized in a search because we use the same phrases in the rhythm of speech. Crazy, but true. I have edited and written thousands of web pages and articles, personally. Focusing on professional web writing for the last 3 years, I have got this.

Make Authentic Web Pages

You can feel confident that every page I submit for your website will last for a long time without needing future edits. That is important because editing existing pages is not good for SEO, unless they are full of the above mentioned errors and more. Keep it simple. Let me help you correct what needs correcting to get started on a better SEO path. Then we can add more pages to increase your basic SEO and look at additional SEO options.

Your Website Options

You have options through packages on this page. Consider how many pages are already on your website, if you have an existing website, to begin. A general rule is websites must have 5 pages, with at least 4 pages written correctly, with basic SEO. Your ‘Contact Me‘ page does not necessarily need work. If you have 10 – 20 pages, there are packages to re-write write 10 and 20 pages. Email or call me to discuss your specific website needs.

Website Audit

If you want to optimize your website so your potential clients can find you, I will assess what you are doing well and what you need to do to meet your goals.  This can be accomplished with or without back-end access to see what has been done for search engine optimization. This session includes:

  • Basic web research of company
  • Report of findings
  • 15 minute consultation

Initial 5 Web Pages

New clients start with writing or re-writing their first 4-5 web pages with basic SEO includes:

  • Home or landing page
  • About you and your work
  • Services or products page
  • One or two other pages and captions on photos and graphics and other basic SEO

Contact Roxy for Website Diagnosis and SEO Writing!

Thank you for your business! Roxy Cross

Cancellation Policy: Payment received by client is refundable 100%, when requested within 3 business days. When work has begun, a $110.00 hourly rate will be considered for services rendered then subtracted from all additional cancellations or refunds.

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