Do you want to know what is really going on with your business?

This is the place to do that.

Correct energetic answers
Correct energetic answers

As an intuitive business consultant Roxy Cross reads energy, seeing the patterns and other unseen factors running within your business and explains what that means for you. Clients have used this service for years to see what is going on in their lives, that they cannot see with their own eyes. For instance, you may need some help with shrinkage in your store, need to resolve the fast turnover with employees or you maybe struggling to choose between 2 courses of action and need to ‘see’ what is missing. Roxy Cross can tune in to the energy to see what is missing.

Choose your options for working intuitively with Roxy in the PayPal button in the right sidebar.

Click on the arrow to choose from:

  • Your Intuitive Check-in will come via email within 5 business days and is an intuitive message for you.
  • Your Intuitive Guidance is an intuitive message for you with further explanation and further reading and action recommendations, and suggestions.
  • Your Intuitive Coaching Session includes some pre-work you will receive via email, followed by a scheduled coaching call.

If you are unsure which option is best for you, the Intuitive Check-In, Intuitive Guidance or Coaching Session, consider the following guidelines…

Which option would work best for you depends on what you need.

  • If you want to run something past me for a quick intuitive take on it, an Intuitive Check-in is perfect.
  • If you would like a more involved conversation with more information and discussion and depth, then you would choose the Intuitive Guidance option. Often these come with a follow up of suggested readings and such.
  • If you would really like to dig deep, strategize and come up with an effective plan to move forward, one or more Intuitive Coaching Sessions would work best. We would start with one and you will see where we go with the first one to determine if you would like future options or working together. With this option, I would send you some questions to consider, ponder and even answer while asking for additional in-put before our scheduled call.

I hope that helps and when in doubt, start with an Intuitive Check-In!

How is Intuitive Guidance Useful to You Now?

You may have a meeting coming up and want to know if the people you are meeting with, are who they claim to be. Roxy Cross can see their actual energy and tell you what it is. Perhaps you have a date with someone new and are nervous about that unknown. Roxy Cross can tell you what she ‘sees’ energetically about him or her. You may want to launch a new life or business change and Roxy Cross can share with you what that energy looks like for you. As an intuitive adviser, Roxy Cross can let you know what the best energetic options are at this exact time and place for you and what shifts could come from your choices.

Why Work with Roxy Cross?

We all have intuitive gifts which become stronger as we recognized and use them. Roxy Cross has been intuitive her whole life, seeing things others do not see. It was when she went through the extensive training to be certified as a theta therapist in 2005 through 2007, that her intuitive gifts really began to manifest. Since then she has worked with people all over the world to shift, heal and move forward in various areas of their lives.

What Areas of My Life can you Help Shift?

Roxy Cross has worked with people to improve their physical, emotional and mental health, through being empowered to make choices that work better for them. She and her clients have worked together to help themselves, those they care about in their lives and their businesses! Most of Roxy Cross’ work has been for businesses, which she enjoys.

For example, through her energy work with one California businessman, he saw that a product launch was not ready and claimed Roxy Cross saved his marriage, when he saw spending more time and money on that project, would take away from time with his family and not pay off in the long run! Another Utah businesswoman was able to see the partnership she was working on was not going to pan out and could stop wasting time and money on it. Another family-owned business saw an area of business with huge potential for income generation, which helped them hit a 10 year revenue goal. Roxy Cross has as many amazing stories, as she has clients, as we all can be helped by being able to ‘see’ what is not obvious with our senses. Test it for yourself by clicking on a link below to hire Roxy Cross to help you!

Help is Here
Help is Here

Choose the way, you would like Roxy Cross to help you.

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Intuitive Business Training Workshops
Intuitive Business Training Workshops






For information on hosting Intuitive Business Training Workshops, where Roxy Cross teaches empowering hands-on training for business owners, management and staff, contact  

Cancellation Policy: Payment received is refundable 100%, when requested within 2 business days.
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