Roxy at a Red Carpet Fund Raising Gala 2015
Roxy at a Red Carpet Fund Raising Gala 2015

“Roxy is a social media and event planning virtuoso! When she works on a project it appears to be effortless even though you know it is not. Her creativity, problem solving, and organizational skills create this illusion. Every project Roxy has worked on for me or my company has exceeded expectations. She is the best at what she does. I will not use anyone else. To say I highly recommend her is an understatement at best.” Melinda Zito O’Brien, Managing Partner at Energy Utility Group, LLC

“I have often described my experience with Roxy Cross with this metaphor: my business is a 500 piece puzzle and Roxy helps me find the borders, identify puzzle pieces that do not fit together where I once thought they did and she helps me see the bigger picture. Through Roxy’s intuitive guidance and consulting, I recognize that I am better able to make significant decisions and changes with confidence. Roxy’s wisdom comes from a place of support, abundance and ingenuity. She truly helps clients actualize their dreams and she provides tools to do the self work that is instrumental for growth and success.” Piper Ruiz, founder of Pink Buffalo Racing

“Roxy is a wave of positive energy. Her follow through and organizational skills are amazing! If you have a chance to work with Roxy you will be in awe!” Dan Young, CEO PC Laptops LLC

Maui Immersion Retreat
Maui Immersion Retreat

“Hello Roxy, I am writing today to thank you for helping with a very successful Global Entrepreneurship Week conference held a few weeks ago at the South Town Expo. Your leadership, hard work and excellent implementation created a superb first annual event. I have heard from many attendees that they enjoyed this year’s event and look forward to attending next year. Please know how grateful I am for your distinguished service to this special project. Your time, talent and positive “get it done” attitude will never be forgotten. All my best to you.” Cheers, Alan (Hall)”, founder of Marketstar

Utah Social Media Awards, Pete Codella, David Bradford, Roxy Cross
Utah Social Media Awards, Pete Codella, David Bradford, Roxy Cross

“I worked with Roxy in the development and organization of the 2009 Utah Social Media Awards. I was chair and she was co-chair. Roxy was a wonderful, creative and energetic force. She organized the efforts of our volunteer team, took care of event logistics and helped emcee a very successful first-of-its-kind event. I would work together with Roxy again in a heartbeat.” Pete Codella,

“Roxy is a connector and open mindset thinker who has an uncanny ability to engage, make people feel valued, and understood.” Alex Doman, Founder & CEO Advanced Brain Technologies and Bestselling Author

‘Roxy is without a doubt one of the most engaging and active people I have ever met. When it comes to social media and event organization, you will not find ANYONE more skilled or capable. I highly recommend her for your Social Media needs!” Rob Green, Marketing Director

Event at Red Butte Gardens at the University of Utah Fall 2014
Event at Red Butte Gardens at the University of Utah Fall 2014

“Great at researching, writing, editing, and networking with other professional quality providers. Engage Roxy for your business marketing needs and it will be the best money you have invested into your online presence.” Derek States, Nature Nutraceuticals Founder

“Roxy is a woman you HAVE to meet! She is one of those energetic, get it done, totally networked, down to earth people you just want on your bus no matter what. Roxy is generous with her time and spirit and is trustworthy always.” Jennifer Jackenthal, Strategic & Innovative Marketing Executive

“Roxy is the epitome of networked. She’s got the personality to get into any door she sets her mind to. The biggest factor for working with her is that she is extremely self-motivated, and she has a deep need and want to help both individuals and companies improve their image and bottom line. She is always upbeat and positive everyday, and that zest for life enthuses clients to want to work with her.” Jim Barnhardt, Owner, Creative, B-ZYNE DESIGN

“Roxy has a way of turning dust to gold. She has helped open many business opportunities for our design firm. An extremely positive force for anyone who needs help within her areas of expertise.” Aaron Hansen, Partner at Mighty Clever

Shouldn't working together be fun?!
Shouldn’t working together be fun?!

“I have had the pleasure to work with Roxy in several arenas. From an AE at Utah Business to her many other endeavors, she is a “go-getter” and I only wish I had her motivation! The opportunities she creates for herself are mind boggling, and I believe she has the capability to succeed at anything she wants to do; she encourages the rest of us to do likewise and is extremely supportive.” Holly Quinn, Morning Radio, 94.1 KMPS at CBS Radio

“I had the opportunity to work side by side with Roxy at Utah Business magazine. She was the one thing in the morning that made me want to wake up and come to work to every day. She was always smiling and always helping everybody in the office with personal and business stuff. She has moved on to fulfill her dreams of business development. She is the one to know because she is networked with many, many influential groups throughout Utah. If you are looking to grow your business she is the consultant for you! I miss seeing her smiling face every day!” Jenna Bailey, Sales and Marketing Director at America’s Incredible Pizza and Family Fun Center

“I met Roxy some thirteen years ago when I first moved to Utah. At the time I was prospective client of Roxy’s and immediately overcome with her dynamic, friendly and energetic personality. I soon saw that she was an absolute fireball in everything she undertook. In hopes of harnessing her fantastic abilities for my own gain, I tried to recruit this professional lady to work with me continuously. There is no doubt that Roxy is first on my list when I am in need of a truly inspiring lift for my business. I highly recommend that you enlist Roxy to help you grow as well. She is nothing short of a fantastic asset to have in your Rolodex.” Bill Johnson, CEO at Johnson & Associates

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