The Importance of a Business Website is Still not a Given

I don't need no stinkin' website!
I don’t need no stinkin’ website!

You would think by now, businesses would know the importance of having a website to a business’s bottom-line and online strategy. Nearly every business, whether business to business or business to consumer/customer/client/patient, non-profit, with local and/or global needs would have an effective online presence reaching buyers in this age of the internet. Your company website is your virtual front office or storefront. It does not matter if you are a practicing physician, a hardware store, a knitting shop or an accountant, you need a website. Even seasonal businesses can benefit from an online presence. You may be proud of the fact all your new business comes from referrals and you should be proud of that. I would wonder how much business you miss because new, potential clients and customers and patients find you competitors easily. That is business you will never get without an online presence.

Outrageously, in a 1&1 Internet recent survey report, up to 40% of small to medium sized businesses still do not have a company website. Even if your company is using social media, doing so without a company website is just impractical. A company website is an essential piece of your business online marketing strategy.  Without a website for your business or organization there are people who will never find you. I already mentioned that but did the impact hit you? Never. Not now. Not later. Never. Hmmm… this does not sound like an effective way to manage a business plan nor to strategize business growth. It is time. Time to get a company website. Time to look at the website you have and evaluate whether it is giving you what your business needs.

Whether you are looking to build your first company website, or if your existing business site just is not getting the traffic or the new business leads you were hoping for, you may wonder what it really takes to have a great company website.

Having a company website alone is not the key to great business results. Instead, it is the ability turn your company website into an inbound business marketing machine. Your company website should have robust business goals, solving multiple issues. A company website needs to not just exist, it needs to perform. It needs to attract business visitors, educate them and convince them to buy your goods or services. If you are thinking that is easier said than done, it may be time to hire someone to handle it for you efficiently, within budget and deadlines. I know someone who can do that very thing for you. You are on her website, reading her words right now. Simply click here to schedule a website diagnostic and get started!