Intuitive Business Workshop in Mesquite Nevada
Intuitive Business Workshop in Mesquite Nevada

Welcome to the series, “Intuitive Tools Workshops”

These events are innovative “Intuitive Tools Workshops” to open your creative, intuitive self, to discover your own solutions and results. Contact Roxy to schedule a Workshop in your area!

You can come out of the closet with your intuitive self and boldly use this skill for your business and personal success.

In a recent article in Forbes, by our great friend, Cheryl Snapp Conner, the subject of using your intuition in business was examined. You can read that handy article here.

But do come back to register for the next class! There is limited seating as this is a very hands on workshop! Register below…

“Intuitive Communication and Networking”

“Intuitive Wisdom and Visioning” “Intuitive Tools for Career Success”6


$60 (Discounts for more than one attendees registering together and a discount for pre-registration for all 3 workshops.)

Intuitive Communication and Networking-2016, 2017
Intuitive Vision Boards-2016, 2017
Intuitive Tools for Business  and Career Success-2016, 2017

This workshop is presented by Roxy Cross.

 or register here:

Register Here:

Roxy Cross will help you Save Money and Make Money Using Intuition for your Business Success!

Learn to use your own intuition for business success!
Learn to use your own intuition for business success!

Roxy Cross has business clients contracting her services, all over the world, for personal, mental, and emotional health, other life choices and issues and business success. Roxy sees unseen energies, running and affecting us, when we cannot see them for ourselves.

Roxy helped a company hit revenue goals that eluded them for 10 years before hiring her. She helped a busy doctor shift from active treating practice to consulting and hosting national seminars and has helped many companies increase revenue significantly in short periods of time and with minimal efforts. She helped a municipality attract more tourists.

“When thinking won’t cure fear, action will.” – William Clement Stone

Here is the link to the Facebook Event Page, if you would like to chat with others who are going!

Roxy brings intuition to the table. If you want to jump start your LIFE with prosperity and clarity, this is the workshop for you! Seeya there!

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