About Us

Roxy Cross is a maven connector. She jokes she, ‘knows people who know people!’ She loves to connect good people with good companies, projects, therapies and such. Her blog, To a Peaceable Life has been running since October of 2005. She shares things which happen, what she learned and the tools she gathers so you can use them with confidence they worked for someone else.

Love getting photos of my book in readers’ hands!

In 2022 her book, Round the Curves was published with a similar theme. It started when she told a publisher she was concerned with all the crazy things going on in the world, people were not learning to strengthen their character traits to be resilient to what life threw their ways. Her publisher believed people either were resilient or not and probably couldn’t learn it. Roxy hoped they could take an inventory, see what was missing and learn to be stronger and more resilient. So the book was born.

Rounding the Curves uses personal stories from Roxy’s life which are humorous and horrifying and everything in between, to show, if one woman can get through it, you can, too.

After decades in business, Roxy collected the best of the best of people she has worked with and put them on this website. You can know she has worked with them and found them above and beyond in efficiency, affordability and ethics. ‘When I work with people, everybody wins. Win, win, win, or I don’t play’ she says. “Play nice in the playground or I will never recommend you. Never.”

She contracts and/or recommends everyone on this page and welcomes feedback. “Nobody is perfect yet some people are perfecter…” she shares.

Search these pages for information. Look in the Directory categories for businesses and individuals you can trust and enjoy! and have fun!