First of all, if you have gargantuan student loan debt, you are not alone, and you have options. I like to give you hope up front before we talk about all the reasons this is hard! You have options for repayment which will save you thousands and even hundreds of thousands of dollars and I’m not kidding. Book a free consultation with me if you don’t need to read further! Or even if you do!

The guidelines for the Public Service Loan Forgiveness (PSLF) are found through this link: You will have to be in compliance with every single requirement for 120 qualifying months for your student loans to be forgiven. This program exists to reward those who are giving back to their community in a qualifying manner. To this date, most of the applicants for this program’s debt forgiveness have been denied because they did not follow every single requirement.

For instance, it does not work if you volunteer your time. Although noble, it won’t forgive your debt. You must be paid at least minimum wage, for at least 30 hours a week. It won’t work if your loans are not in an allowed type of loan. They must be federal consolidated, direct or, as of 2023, parent PLUS loan.

It’s important to keep accurate payroll records and report compliance at the end of every calendar year. Another step in the journey. (There are several!)

Truly giving back to the community in significant ways is the key.

To make this program work for you takes effort and efficiency. You have got to watch that bottom line, making sure all the criteria are met, yet it can be done. 2-3% of applicants have done it! Great odds? You can improve on them!

This is where you will find all kinds of information, guidelines and recommendations. You can also retain my services to facilite this journey to being free of your student loans, so it isn’t so monumental of a task for you. I’ll walk you through each step, bring in the professionals to do their part, then follow up along the way until we celebrate at the end! Everybody wins! You, those you work with, and your community!

IF you have student loan debt of $90K or more, this is the place to start when handling student loan debt. Student Loan Tutor will put all your loans in the right place and recommend the best payment option for you for the next year. Their fee is reasonable for what you get. I’ve been in their program for 4 years and highly recommend them. Plus they get you in the best position for the PSLF option should you choose it. Set up a free consultation here!

Note: IF you are still in school racking up your student loan debt, I would love to talk with you, to strategize, before you graduate. If nothing else, do NOT take advantage of the 6 month grace period after graduation of not paying your loans back yet. Don’t do it. Unless you like the idea of them capitalizing your loan so you can pay interest on your interest on your interest on your… You get the point I hope.

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