To a Peaceable Life~One Woman’s Journey

I’ve been blogging since 2005! Hard to believe it’s been 18 years now! I started on Blogger or Blogspot and moved to WordPress after getting some stellar WP training and have been there since!

The blog started as One Woman’s Journey then morphed to To a Peaceable Life, yet the whole time it’s been an authentic sharing of things which worked for me. Lessons Learned. Some the hard way. It includes people, places and things I have found helpful in my journey. There are photos and memes, even graphs and whatnot! My intent is always to shared what I learned and experienced in the hope it would help you. Now or later.

It was blogging where I tuned my writing voice to the one which whould feel like we’re sitting on my couch while I share stories. Kick off your shoes. Sip your tea/java/wine, and enjoy. You may need a tissue here and there. It’s not been an easy path. My life has never been a picnic, yet I have been enormously blessed by what truly matters; stunning good looks, (snort), beautiful friends and family and a relentless ability to be resilient no matter what life throws my way.

FYI: My book series comes from this effort. I was asked to write a book about resiliency which was published in 2022. It is the first book in a series of now 4 books in the works! And I adore feedback so feel free to write me at or comment here when I figure out how to make that live again!

Thanks for your patience and eagerness to learn with me! Here’s my blog’s link! Carry on!

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