Falling Rocks

Falling rocks

Lil, my publisher asked my next book be more about raising kids, so in keeping with the driving through the mountains comparision with navigating life it’s working title is Falling Rocks! Raising kids, boys or girls, it doesn’t matter which, it’s like watching for falling rocks in the mountains while driving. And you never know when the next one will hit you and sometimes said rocks are the size of Buicks.

True story! If you’ve read my first book, Rounding the Curves, you know life handed me some freakin’ Buicks from my oldest’s, Jason’s, life, let alone all the other 8 of my kids. We’ve had many accidnets, which happens when you are active and sometimes when you aren’t! And sometimes rocks are the result of your choices, or due to those around you and sometimes just cuz.

Once I was driving at least the speed limit, eh hmm, through the mountains of Arizona on the way to get my younger kids from the older brother’s home. Just hauling along in the sunshine, happy with life and around a corner I came only to hit my brakes hard! Traffic was stopped cold in front of me for falling rocks. Except this one was clearly the size of a Buick, blocking both southbound lanes and into the inside northbound lane, too! Hence the conparison! ADOT hadn’t even gotten to the scene so whoever it just missed slding cdown the mountain and those first on the scene were likely praying hard thanking God for sparing their lives! I would have been anyway! Geez Louise! Wake up call!

As a mother, I’ve been through kid comas, Traumatic Brain Injuries, oodles of broken bones, roadrash, nasty wounds, break-ups and divorce, grandchildren custody issues, job losses, cancer, surgeries, RSV and this is a long list… heart break, physical injuries and illness and so much. It’s hard enough to go through things personally yourself, yet when it’s your kids or grandkids going through things that’s a special kind of hell.

Falling Rocks is full of personal stories, from heartbreak to heart warming and always with humor and sutenticity, lessons learned and what helped me get through them at the time and recover thereafter. When book 2 is closer to publication I’ll let ya’all know…

Note: The lovely mountain watercolor painting is from my daughter-in-law, Mary Cross you can find at @marycrossart on Instagram.