What is your Perspective?

Just because you believe a thing does not make it true. Consider this!

You can pause to ponder on that statement and I highly recommend you do. The thing is our beliefs, ideas and even our deeply held ones didn’t come from us. They didn’t come from your adult perspective of who you are now and depending on them for guidance may be a terrible idea at this point in life!

How many things have you changed over the years? Have your beliefs kept up with your growth in understanding and how you live your life?

It is never too late to pause and consider your beliefs. Pausing is a superpower you can use to adjust your default setting. Years ago, when my life felt brutal, I took the time to pause and consider who I was as a person at the time and it was cathartic! I realized the lame ideas I held about myself just weren’t true. And many of us are in this same boat. “I am Enough,” wouldn’t exist if it weren’t so needed right now!

I found I actually liked myself! I liked the person I had become. I was a person who defaulted to doing the next right thing no matter the pressure. I was able to disengage from narcissitic influence. I could go through rough pressure with my integrity intact. I was learning not to hold people to the high standards I held myself, giving them grace. I learned to give myself grace, realizing I had always done the best I could in any circumstance and that was incredibly powerful. I felt others could learn from my stories because so many in my life were giving me that message! So when a publisher, Lil, asked me to write a book about resliency I did!

Now people are asking me to speak to various groups and I am! Free and paying gigs and I’m loving the questions and responses I have been getting!

So where are you in your journey? Pause… take time for what may be the most important thing you ever do for yourself? Start by asking yourself some questions and taking the time to ponder on them.

Who are you really?

What are the core beliefs you choose at this point in your life?

Where do you want to be, doing what and with whom for the next season of your life?

You are worth it and so if this challenge! Take the time and you will not be sorry you did!

And if you would like me to speak at your group gathering do reach out because odds are I would love to!

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