In these pages are the people and companies, organizations, and such I work
with and recommend. Search by name or categories; businesses, services, arts,
and whatnot! Would love to hear your feedback. No one is perfect yet some
people are perfecter…

Heathy Company Products~

Stem Cell Therapy, Lifewave, Easy, affordable, non-invasive stem cell therapy! Believe it! When your body heals itself! Contact me for more information and to order. This is a crazy awesome option to improve your health and longevity! I’m into my 3rd month and quite pleased with results!

Mons Pura, professional hemp products I highly recommend: To setup a distribution account click here. To see how amazing they are and purchase products I use, click here! Use the discount code roxy10 for 10% off your first order! Professional grade Hemp products on the UT Hemp Registry with great pricing and options, including for pets. No minimum orders! Ships next business day.

TwinkleBeds, David Nish,, extraordinary beds delivered to your door. I sleep on a Twinkle-pedic medium and LOVE it and I also have an adjustable bed frame which is hard to beat.

Ascent Nutrition, Their product I use and highly recommend is the Pine Needle
which promotes healthy respiratory function, supports a healthy immune system, assists brain and nervous system, and supports a healthy detoxification process.

Dr Kells Weight Loss, Effective weight loss program which works and helps keep the weight off! Lost 30+ pounds and have kept 28 off for 3 years on a maintenance plan with great nutritional products and fabulous client service.

True Leaf Market Seed Company, Organic and Heirloom Seeds and Products
This is where I go first for all things garden and planting related! Best quality!

Bloom Master Planters and Baskets, Efficient and Stunning! I have been planting Bloom Master baskets and planters for 2 decades. Since they were invented in little Vernal UT! Fun fact I’ve won awards for my baskets… Woo! Yet the satisfaction of growing food plants in with flowers is still such a joyful experience! (See my YouTube channel on how it’s done!)

Roxy Cross Designs YouTube Channel, Check out this Channel! Started this YouTube channel in 2009 to demonstrate how to design and plant your whole garden in a small space. Or how to decorate the front of your home or business or how to fill your balcony or deck with deliciousness in stunning flowers!

Stellar Business Support~

States Technology Labs, Derek States,, The only website
I trust, who also provides viral SEO. This company has fingers in a lot of pies. Still excellent at all they do.

101 Financial, Genius financial educational tools with coaching support. Being in this program saved my sanity when some business dealings went sideways. I highly recommend it and tell them so when you chat with them.

Irvine Legal LLC, Joshua Irvine, business legal firm with high ethical standards, a savvy legal model for clients, and great client service. Set up an initial no charge consultation click here!

Student Loan Tutor, Tony Ferra,, the place to start when handling student loan debt. Set up a free consultation here!

Wealth Mavericks, Roxy Cross helps professionals navigate student loan debt through the Public Service Loan Forgiveness program. Support, legal oversight, fees from corporate set-up through 501(c)(3) application, to payroll set-up. Recommend a free consultation first.

Kolbe, Truly amazing support in finding your driver and matching people with the right positions within a company! I have rarely participated with a company’s process with the positive impact of this company. Highly recommend taking the ‘A’ option.

33 Rulebook. Interesting use of neuroscience to increase productivity which works in business and in life: feel free to share!

Truly Amazing Companies~

Cross Construction Utah, Alex Cross,,
custom residential and commercial construction. Known for energy efficiency
with style.

Olive & Cocoa, Julianna Nunez,, elegant corporate & personal gifting with stellar client services. Say, “Hi!” from Roxy! (Could be a shipping discount in there from me…)

Roxy Cross Directory, Roxy Cross,, And now you’ve come
full circle! Where you find solutions, you can trust. Contact me for email and phone contacts for all the above or for more information. Contact any or all of these contacts for the best quality in their specialties! Ahhh… I feel better already!