Rounding the Curves

It’s almost been a year since publication of Rounding the Curves, about being resilient! What a cool journey this has been of conversations, hearing the stories it inspired and I do love geting photos of people holding my book! Especially the one on a tractor in Missouri! Love that!

I’ll tell you more about it yet if you are eager to get a copy here are the ways to do it:

If you are in the USA or Canada Zelle or Venmo me $25 and I’ll send you a personally signed copy! Happy to do this for book clubs, too. Simply make sure you leave your name(s) and a shipping address! The QR codes for both are in the photo gallery to your right. If you are outside the US or Canada and would like personalized signed copies simply email with your location and we will make that happen! I love how my book is in atleast 6 countries without marketing it yet!

Or your can order via Barnes & Noble and they also carry the digital copy!

I list Amazon last as I’ve gone round and round with Kindle attempting to get the digital version on Kindle and they just won’t do it because I don’t have permission from the original author, who is me… I’ll let you think about that. So wierd.