Intuitive Coaching Services

Apply spiritual principles to your work life for greater balance and peace in your workspace. What do I mean by that? We live our lives using our character traits, moral and ethical principles. Why should our business lives be any different than our personal lives in that way? They shouldn’t. It’s my intent, 100% of the time I am 100% authentic. What you see is what you get. If I say it, I mean it and it is true to the best of my knowledge and experience.

Additionally, I have specific intuitive gifts to guide my life and I’m open to sharing them with you to help you in your journey. Personal, spiritual and/or business. They are all the same to me. Do you want to know if your idea will work, my gift will tell you. It will also tell you outcomes in various scenarios. Why not find out first? Before sinking time, money and effort into something. Timing may be off. Things may be afoot of which you have no knowledge. I can read those energies and tell you ahead of time. I can see how simple shifts can change the energy to a more vibrant and positive outcome. Schedule a call!

If you are unsure which working with Roxy option is best for you, the Intuitive Check-In, Intuitive Guidance or Coaching Session, consider Roxy’s guidelines… Which track would work best for you depends on what you need.

    • We will start with one and you will see where we go with the first one to determine if you would like future options, working together. With this option, I will send you some questions to consider, ponder and even answer while asking for additional input before our scheduled call.


      Some additional notes:

      At the beginning of the work week, pause for a moment of peace.

      Who believes in you and your business? Spend time with those guys…

      If you are having trouble coping, get some professional help. Whatever it is that is challenging you, there is someone who can help. If it’s right up my alley, I am happy to help you. If it’s not up my alley, I know people who know people. You don’t have to do this alone.

      You take risks every day. Why not take the risk to improve your life and health while you’re at it?! Good question…

      Respect and appreciation are critically important for building a solid foundation for business success.

      Feel free to save this page to pull it up whenever you need a moment of peace. Then drink an entire glass of water. Walk around a bit. These simple things will help you cope…


      If you do not like what you are doing, change what you are doing. As one of my sons likes to say, ‘It’s a simple concept.’ Only you can change your situation. Well, I say that and then I remember my father telling me either I make the decisions in my life or life will make them for me.

      Now we have some things to think about here! Create the life you intend to live! I’m happy to help you do it!