Roxy’s company is Cross Media Events, a boutique agency handling:

  • business events
  • 100% original web content and
  • local outreach.

She and her associates have decades of successful events behind them in many states or all kinds of sizes. If you would like to host a gathering without headaches schedule a call with Roxy! We will discuss your options for working together! Short and sweet is not just a description of Roxy! It’s also how she works with clients!

When you want to host an event of any size, a good thing to keep in mind is people will go where it’s the most fun! No matter the topics or purpose, making your event attractive is on the top of Roxy’s ‘To Do’ list!

Roxy works with one ethical SEO company to build website and to manage them for maximum effectiveness. She’s worked with many SEO companies through the years and still works with only one! States Technology Labs. She provides the original content and messaging while STL does all the behind the scenes stuff.

Who is your ideal client/customer/patient? What is the best way to reach them and how and how often? These are the questions Roxy can answer for you, saving you time and money on advertising, marketing, lead generation and promotion. We get clear on who you are looking for then build a plan to get them! Simple!

Events of all kinds are effective for connecting with people. You can share your message in many ways at the same time, while getting to know your guests as they are getting to know you, and what you can do for them and how.

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